Friday, March 27, 2009

the Four11 on the Two25

i've been keeping this blog for about 2 years now and a friend invited me to a Bloggers Dinner last night. i had no idea what this was since i'd never attended a blogger anything before. basically it was an open invitation to a new local restaurant where we could sample the food and kind of network/mingle. a very cool idea i think! i met some interesting people keeping blogs on a variety of topics and for many different reasons. i took down a couple of addresses so i could check them out today.

we met at Two25 (where the old Uno's used to be) and i must say i was impressed. it didn't strike me as a Peoria restaurant trying to be a Chicago restaurant. if i want Chicago, i'll drive there thank you.

i was torn between ordering something i wouldn't usually order/eat or sticking to my creature of habit ways. the creature of habit won out as usual! i love Salmon so i thought i'd try the Dijon Crusted Salmon. loved it! it was perfectly cooked and i will say the sauteed green beans were probably the best i've ever had. the guy sitting next to me ordered Chef's Choice and they served him Rack of Lamb with the 30 Layer Potato Gratin. the Lamb looked delicious, but i HAVE to try the potatoes next time. they looked amazing. for dessert, several of us had the Caramel Apple Pie. mmmmmm.

one thing i'd like to see added at some point: i have several friends who are vegetarian and/or vegan. while fish is an easy one, i'd like to see more vegetarian, vegan, and/or organic items on the menu - even if it's possible to just "tweak" an existing item. these same friends LOVE wine and i know would enjoy the Wine Flight Fridays. a couple more vegetarian/vegan options would certainly keep them coming back.

i'm looking forward to going there on a Friday night though for their Wine Flight Fridays. i have a couple of friends who i know would be happy to have a place to do that and enjoy really good food at the same time.

so thanks Kate for passing this on to me.

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snicketmom said...

Hi, was at the other end of the table and didn't get to talk to you much. I didn't know anyone had gotten the salmon, so I am glad you did and were able to review it. I have the same opinion about offering more vegetarian selections. I don't know if you saw the Journal Star article last week, but it said the chef was making connection with local farmers to get fresh produce in season. I hope that works out.

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