Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tense morning

we cannot explain it but for some reason this flood is creating unusual tension in our house. we've spent the last couple of days prepping. putting stuff up and then putting stuff up even higher.
this morning we awoke to 2 things:
(1) surrounded by water except for a small patch of gravel that Butterz was able to take advantage of for a bathroom. as usual, Cookie waited too late and had to be kayaked out for that.
(2) DUMBASS, WHITE TRASH, REDNECK neighbors - no not The Kims! the dumb asses that rent "the blue house" south of us. they parked their jacked up truck in their neighbors yard (yeah, Katie it was the Stein's place) and must have figured they'd use our drive for coming and going. did i mention they are DUMB ASSES? well, since they don't know the elevation of our drive and don't know the layout at all, oh, and apparently can't read to know the river was gonna BE our yard by 5am, they proceed to attemp to drive out. they miss the turn and drive right past The Kim's and straight into Heidi's yard. i should mention, it's about a 2ft drop from The Kim's to Heidi's. so now their jacked up truck is up to the door handle in water! haha! somehow DUMB ASS manages to get his/her piece of crap moving and makes it to the in-laws (aka lawn mower man) but i'd love to see the inside of the truck!
we're tense and surrounded by idiots!

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