Thursday, June 26, 2008

wildlife sanctuary

i came home from work today and found 2 baby birds jumping from stem to stem in my garden. i have no idea what type of birds they are. i also took a photo of what i assume to be the "mom". she was flying in and out dropping off food for them the entire time. they seem to be trying to get their wings right now. my next goal is to capture the baby bunnies that have made a nest in my garden too!

the calm after the storm

nacho had to stop me from going out this morning at like 1am to take photos of perhaps the most awesomest lightning show ever! but he assures me i'll have another shot Friday. he better be right. anyway, the boxers woke me up this morning so i could catch this pic at sunrise. it really was that beautiful!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i forgot one thing....

okay, so the ticket they give you is pretty damn cool!

so the new question is will we go to Lollapalooza? well, not sure. we like the lineup but Austin City Limits has the best lineup of all of them all. and if i had my say.....where's my ten-gallon hat?

bonnaroo hoo!

well, we survived what i have now come to find out is the largest outdoor music festval in the continental u.s. bonnaroo. and while i've had lots of conversations about it the past few days, i've posted nothing. that's because i really don't think i have that much more to say than you can find on the community blogs, posts, etc. on the official site. nevermind what you can probably find on YouTube.

and i've learned at events like that (i.e., concerts), it does me no good to take a camera. A) because there's no way i'm taking my good DSLR (even if i could, which i couldn't at bonnaroo) and 2) i go to concerts cuz i like listening to the music and seeing the band(s). and if i'm taking pictures i can't very well enjoy it now can i? so i'll leave all that posting goodness to the people that are better suited for it than me. and leave finding that goodness to those who know how to use google.

what i will say is it was an excellent event. well worth the money. no, i did not see Kanye West cuz i am old and covet sleep at 430am, or any hour. yes, i did see Pearl Jam but only stayed for a few songs because....i'm old and see my previous comment about sleep. and yes, they were amazing for what time we did stay and watch. Eddie Veder's duet with Jack Johnson during the prior show was great! no i did not see Metallica cuz they are old! my main reason for going was Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings and i was kindly rewarded for my devotion. by far one of the best stage performances i've ever seen. i am afraid and aroused by this woman at the same time! and could not NOT love Vampire Weekend. my bags are packed. i'm just waiting for Ezram to call. best group i didn't anticipate to see......!!!. i felt like i was in a rave out in the middle of a pasture. a-freakin-mazing! there can't possibly be any glow sticks left in the u.s. after this group's performance. thanks Charles! disappointment? yeah, unfortunately, Cat Power and Rilo Kiley. but not their fault. the stage they performed on (This Stage) had a horrble sound system. the stage for !!! (That Stage) and Sharon Jones (Which Stage) sounded much better. and i knew Ben Folds was great on the MP3 player, but man he kicks ass in person!

would i do this again??????? nope! i've seen all the inappropriate male and female tool sheds and saggy boobs i need to see for the rest of my life thank you. i'm scarred and no amount of therapy or alcohol will erase what i saw this weekend. but it doesn't mean i shouldn't try!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Monday, June 2, 2008

step one

so i MEANT to post this weeks ago, but i meant to do a lot of things that i didn't. but while i went back to the motherland, nacho and co. worked diligently on my "dream door". so we are famous for stuff "washing up on our beach". when we talked about taking out the picture window in our living room and installing a door, i said "if i could have my dream door, i'd like the 4-panel door. but i realize i will have to settle for the 3-panel slider." well, thanks to Lakeside, i didn't have to settle and i didn't have to pay full price. it might as well have washed up on the beach! AND it was installed in record time. so this ongoing deck project can now be accessed directly from the living room. and this past weekend, nacho worked like mad to get the step built for it. for once, a project checked off the list before i even had time to put it on! Thanks babe! and thanks tons Lakeside

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