Monday, November 17, 2008


i'm convinced it's physically impossible for these 2 to take a bad picture.

moving on?

they say everyone grieves in their own way, but this is just plain odd

Friday, November 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

i've never been one to ask for the conventional birthday, anniversary or Christmas gifts. my greatest hits include a back-pack vacuum cleaner, Stihl tiller, and interior molding. i know, hard to imagine i stayed single for so long. so for our anniversary this year, i looked up traditional and contemporary gifts for 10 years. right now there's someone doing the math saying, "hey, you guys have only been married 7 years?" but when i looked at what those gifts were, i couldn't work with that list. so i checked out 10 cuz technically that's how long we've been together! I AM NOT COMPLETELY STUPID. as most guys who've passed the 10 year mark will know, one of the suggestions is DIAMONDS (and if you didn't know that, better memorize that one). but as i said, i've never been one to ask for the conventional gift. so somewhere i found that aluminum was a 10-year gift too. right now, there's some guy who knows me saying "i so know where she's going with this!" and "nacho, you lucky bastard!" and "well, except for that sleeping with one eye open thing!" so meet Estelle. my reward for 10 years of hard work. and believe me, i earned all 15'6" of this baby! thanks Nacho! LM/TM

Monday, November 3, 2008


yes, i know the posts have been far between. but i've been kinda busy lately. like going back home to see my family. nacho hung with his P's at their place in Ft Walton, while i drove home with my sister and hung out there. only traces of the Southern accent are left by now.

my nephew wearing my gear!

my nephew with my old man

and my family!
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