Who Are We?

Me (aka DeNacho)
i'm a lowly reverse-transplant from FL that somehow got stuck in the Midwest.  much like my gardening, i'm a spastic blogger. sometimes i have plenty to say, others, not so much.  i have been described by my co-workers as "Passionate".  that's just another term for a walking ball of stress & frustration.  but if you are going to have a hobby, might as well be good at it!

need i say more?  everybody knows Nacho!  and if you don't, you wish you did!  his power is in his hair!  he's our own Benjamin Buttom. i swear he gets younger looking every day!  and he is a pro at letting it all just roll!  lessons to be learned here!  most important, he is SOOOOOOO patient with me & that's saying A LOT!

Our Kids
Baxter & Cookie.  Also portrait of Cookie & Butterz in the back
ours are the 4-legged variety & have their own blog and twitter account.  they have plenty to say & lots of followers interested in listening.  they have more Twitter friends than i do!!!  geesh!

i do all the blogging while Nacho does all the eye rolling but it seems to work for us!
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