Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All Star

and this cute man is my nephew Bryce. i told him for every home run he hit, i'd put $10 towards a sporting goods card. i found out last week he made All Stars. i may regret this deal!

reduce, reuse, recycle

so you may remember the fate of my patio table. and i'm not a huge recycle freak, but it's not like i try to be intentionally wasteful. so if i can re-purpose something, then i'll try. so my awesome husband made this for me out of left over composite decking. i love it more than the original. thanks nacho!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

oh, and this just in.....

forgot this one from movie night!

if you love something set it free

we knew we couldn't keep them. they were just too wild!

back....with a vengence

or something like that. suffice it to say, i will not explain why i was gone or why i'm back, but i was and i am. and to kick things off, here's a few photos from this past weekend's main event....Drive In Movie Night. what i couldn't get pics of (cuz it was dark) was the crux of the event. boats in the water and people on the beach watching a movie provided by us.

so nacho built the movie screen. a 12 x 15 tarp stretched out on an aluminum fence post frame. nice huh? sound was made available by a transmitter that worked for a good 300 yards. so the boats off our beach simply tuned to an fm station and they could hear the movie just fine.
we had a little technical difficulty and it was too bright to see the projection, so i volunteered my more than ample chest!

Saturday's triple feature was Ferris Beuller's Day Off, The Jerk, and Superbad (a movie which i hope i never have to see again). Sunday's double feature was Shrek and Office Space. we had lots of food and fun and plan to continue this throughout the summer. there's high hopes for how popular this might get. even if it doesn't, it's so cool to be watching a movie out in your own back yard....or river!
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