Monday, June 29, 2009

our flux capacitor

that's the problem with summer. longer days, but less time to sit at the computer. back some time ago (between the March and May floods), nacho wired in for the generator we got for Christmas. unfortunately, we never lost electricity during the floods. boo hoo for nacho. but he finally got his wish 2 weeks ago. the awesome storm that produced this

also left us without power for about an hour (nacho says 20 minutes but i think an hour lends more drama to the story). and much to his glee, he got to hook up the generator and we were in business and "off the grid"!

Family Reunion

we had a visit a few weeks ago by momma duck and family. it made me feel so much better to know that they'd made it out of the field and into the river, where they should be. thanks to nacho for catching the pics!

Friday, June 26, 2009

not anymore

oh and one more......
any comment about how hot it is. really? hot? in June/July? imagine that. well, back home that's a little thing we like to call SUMMER PEOPLE!!! and later on when it gets "really cold", SURPRISE! we'll call that WINTER! seriously!


i've been witness to and part of some diverse perspectives on several personal and political issues the last couple of weeks. here are my top 3:

said to me: "well, since you got religion". oh really? and when did i get said religion? and (1) what are you talking about and (2) what business would it be of yours anyway? if you think i've all of a sudden gotten religion and you feel threatened by that, i say, go with that feeling. cuz whether or not i've gotten religion, you should feel threatened by me. so let's talk about you and your choices!

said in a meeting: "anyone who's too lazy to work deserves to die". wow! i simply don't know what to say to that! last time i checked, one of the fundamental differences that sets us apart from so-called lower forms of life was a little thing called compassion! if you need help looking that up, let me know.

said to a friend: "you're not the same person" (or something like). you damn right he's not. let's sit back and enjoy the show shall we? popcorn anyone!?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

nothing to say

haven't posted anything in a while cuz, believe it or not, i haven't had much to say. much to say here that is. oh i've had plenty to say outside of here. and some of that may make it's way here soon enough. so enjoy the respite!

Friday, June 19, 2009

old spice

Ed: ....yeah, David Beckham
Bri: isn't he married to one of those spice girls?
Den: yeah, Paprika
laughter ensues
Bri: Old Spice?
hillarity ensues

Thursday, June 18, 2009

pants optional

no this is not my home town. so no need to worry about my brother. he is still clocking in thong only!

City in Florida Adopts New Dress Code Requiring Workers to Wear Underwear, Deodorant

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