Wednesday, December 31, 2008

really? somehow i don't think so

making it easy for you......once again

even though we're probably about to crest, i thought i'd just add the link for the Peoria River Guage site to the links on the left. i hate to get linky but i hate having to go find that site every time we get a bunch of water. so enjoy.

oh, and Nacho did confirm that he mostly looks at the Peoria guage to determine our flooding and that "24 in the door" means, 24 predicited at Peoria and we have water in the garage. as i've said, i like to go by the Henry guage cuz by the time it hits Peoria, it's passed me by. so there seems to be a difference of about 4.61 feet. so 24 Peoria = 28.61 Henry. if you are that creative (MOSER, TODD), feel free to compose a rhyme for 28.61, otherwise, 28 will do.

hmmm.....28-er, get the waders! 28 plus, get in the kayak bus! 28 high, here comes the tide!

that's about right!

judging from what i saw in the yard last night and then again this morning. i'd say we're crested at the house. Henry crested yesterday. of course i don't have any pics cuz i'm lazy. sorry. can't seem to do much about that lately.

the truth is i'm too busy playing The Blob - that game is gonna give me an aneurysm and quite possibly a divorce!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

who doesn't love a big gun in the pants?

i've been giggling at this most of the day. and usually i don't keep spam emails. just dump them directly from my spam folder. but i saw this one and decided i had to keep it. i've also decided in the last month or so, that that's the job i want. the person who makes up the subject lines for spam email! what a job! right up there with the guy who calibrates the waterfall of icing at Krispy Kreme.

helping you work smarter, not harder

for those who don't want to, or can't, visit the River Guages site (cuz of your oppressive IT people!), here's a screen shot of the prediction since yesterday. nothing's changed.

Monday, December 29, 2008

it's only fitting

so yes, we are going to leave 2008 much the same way we spent most of it....flooded. for those that like to track it, here's the link for Henry and here's the link for Peoria guages. i like to go by Henry cuz by the time it's at Peoria, well, it's passed us by. but Nacho's catch phrase this week is "24 in the door" and i believe he's using Peoria gauges for that. so we should be okay. it's quite possible we'll have water around the house (and if we're "lucky" it will freeze and become the new hockey rink), but we don't think we'll have it in the garage. i hope he's right since we'll be gone New Year's. we'll leave you a bucket Jordan!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Monday, December 22, 2008

horror scope

and this is different from any other day when BP won't leave me alone! Angie reign that man in will ya?
Someone will be giving you an awful lot of attention today, but you might not be comfortable with it. If so, your best tactic is to try to ignore them. You can't try to fake it, but there is also no need to hurt their feelings or embarrass them with overcomplicated apologies. Instead, just carry on with normal relations and sooner or later they will get the picture that you aren't interested. Then they will likely give up and move on to someone else.


another year and another puzzle. figuratively and literally. this past weekend was our Christmas Tradition weekend. cue the music, open the wine, and break out the puzzle. this is actually the first year we finished the whole thing. as in, the first year the Monsters didn't eat a pice or 2. they did however destroy the box, and possibly, the original puzzle i bought for this year while we were in Beaver Creek. since we managed to finish the replacement puzzle super early, we're taking the remaining pieces of the 1st puzzle and working on it the next 3 nights. we'll see how much of that is left!

oh, and in answer to some questions i've gotten about this:
- we typically do this during the "12 days of Christmas"
- when we're done, we take the puzzle to Goodwill or offer to a kid's school if we know someone that wants it
- no tv, phone, etc. just Christmas music the entire time. suffice it to say, we have a healthy disdain of Wham UK's Last Christmas. and we have an awesome nacho-ized version of it!
- average wine consumption = 4 bottles (not all in one night people)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice!

i've never understood the disappointment that surrounds the shortest day of the year or the excitement for the longest. but nacho is all about both of those. as the summer solstice approaches i get to hear all about how crappy it is that "the days are getting shorter from here on out." and then today, hooray! "the days are getting longer now!" like somehow you've been cheated and then you won it all back! i just don't get it. well, in summer we have a tradition for the solstice. we take the day (or at least half of it) and just me and nacho hit the river to ski as late as we can. my favorite was last year when we skied until about 930p. we got robbed this year due to bad weather. but what do ya do for the winter solstice? never thought about that before. we don't have an activity. i guess sleep in. but then again i celebrate that every Fri, Sat and Sun. guess i'll need a different tradition for the winter solstice. well, happy longer days people!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

i don't know what to say about this!

indeed it was Epic!

Cold nachos!

Larkspur lift.

and only in CO can TJ wear his house robbing gear and not get stopped! the least you could do is shave fro boy!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

truth in advertising

i have a feeling they are telling the truth!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

did you know?

B - you know how to measure the speed of light using a microwave?
D - chirp chirp
B - blah blah blah....non rotating microwave....blah .....chocolate.....blah....scorch marks.....2.blah GHz....multiply....and that will tell you the speed of light in seconds
D - chirp chirp

hooray! christmas party!

today is my work Christmas party. unlike traditional work parties, i actually look forward to this one. i should also clarify, that we don't do the full office party. our little group of IT nerds do our own party. we're not about the feelings and spirit of love this season kinda thing. we prefer the cynical, condescending spirit of the season. each year we try to do something different. our first 3 years were trips to the movies to watch the Lord of the Rings movies. last year was supposed to be The Golden Compass but it never happened. we've also done bowling and a delayed spring party of goofy golf. it didn't take long for our party to catch on and now the "touch-feely" IT staff ask about our party each year and ask to be invited. remember the cynical/condescending thing i mention? yeah, well, they don't get invited. so this years party is Wii goodness at my bosses house. we leave today at 11a for lunch (the traditional IT technie cuisine of Chinese booofaaa) and then it's on to Mark's newly finished basement for serious competition! if pictures are taken, they will be posted!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

dear santa

this IS the holiday spirit!


i'm surprised how much of this i've been speaking already!

Monday, December 1, 2008

good eats and then some!

i'm spending today in a self-induced food comma. we headed up to Chicago this past weekend and were treated to a weekend of amazing food by DaKims! i CANNOT say enough about the restaurants they treated us to.
Sat lunch was at Urban Belly. because we'd eaten so much sushi the night before (i forget the name of that place), Nacho and i shared an appetizer of Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings and then Asian Egg Noodles. for me, coming off a hideous cold the entire week before, i decided i will drive up to Urban Belly the next time i get sick. this was truly comfort food.
Sat night we went to Custom House. DEAR GOD! we had a 4 course with wine pairings that were unreal! i think these were the best oysters i've ever had and i never eat oysters when i'm away from home! they were also nice enough to write down all the wines we had so i could get a 2nd job to afford my new addiction. lots of amazing food and a beautiful restaurant! the best part was watching nacho "doctor" his coffee. he does not know the word MODERATION!
as if we hadn't had enough food to last us for the next week, yesterday was brunch at Green Zebra. i could not pass up the chance to try their version of grits. what could (1) someone from the city and (2) a vegetarian restaurant know about a Southern staple? i found out LOTS! to date, the best Bloody Mary i've ever had. this will change my own recipe! a HUGE thanks to Charles' sister for treating us so well at both her restaurants. we couldn't have been more impressed or more grateful!
we could not thank DaKims enough for leading us around by the nose and the stomach. this was a blast. i didn't mind the impromptu What Not to Wear that Katie treated me to. thanks for subjecting yourself to all that and temping at BR! for the safety of all concerned, i will not comment on Friday night Uno. what happened in the condo stays in that condo - literally, you won't be able to get it out of there!
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