Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holi-DIY

As usual, I should have posted this much sooner. I actually meant to post this before Christmas, but the fact that I did anything at all is a bit of a victory in my book!  I don't know why, but every few holidays, I decide I'm going to DIY some stuff.  I actually started doing this back in college when, like so many of us, I had no money to buy gifts for my parents.  Although most of my gifts are cheesy-cheap, I actually take a small amount of pride in making them.  One year I even went so far as to make my own paper for my Christmas cards.  One year mind you, and it never happened again. So this year was the year for Holi-DIY but I spared anyone the tragedy of receiving one of my macaroni-necklace inspired gifts.  These were all things just for me!  I also noticed a theme emerging this year:  Reuse what I already had & stick to the Dollar Store if I could.
First up & the easiest, a glass container filled with ornaments.  I have always loved this. I love all the colors.  I owe much of this container to The Dollar Store.  Can i just say, that is my new 1st stop for Christmas decorations!? Seriously, they had all the best stuff!
Recycled Materials = Glass container from my sister & all bulb except the blue ones
In the same Dollar Store I found these really cute boxes! Meant for storage or gifts, I had Nacho drill a hole in the back & I strung Christmas lights inside.  I did mine in 3 small 30-bulb strands so I could separate them if the grouping didnt' work out, but I love how it turned out!
Recycled Materials = sadly boxes & lights are all new but all from the Dollar Store!
 I cannot take credit for this one!  And truth be told, this is the one gift that I did actually present someone with.  Someone of age of course!  But my Reinbeer idea came from Fingerprints on the Fridge & saved to my Pinterest board.
Recycled Materials = ummm none here but the beer will be recycled i'm sure!
My Waterless Snow Globes came from Sweet Something Designs & I loved making these two.  I could have made so many more, but had to be practical about it!  Still, I might do these for gifts next year, creating a personalized theme for the recipients.  I will warn you, even well before the holiday rush, I had a time finding the power snow/snow flakes, but now have plenty for next year!
Recycled Materials = Mason jars from Cherry Preserves projects

Each year a struggle with how to display Christmas cards. There are a ton of good ideas out there, but I wanted to keep with the cheap inexpensive and easy theme. I don't remember exactly where I saw this idea, but I love how it turned out. Just sticks collected from around the yard, painted with Red & Silver spray paint I already had & plopped into a planter I already had.  This is probably my favorite!
Recycled Materials = all of it = 100%
And finally our door hanger.  This is actually a hanger that we have had for a few years now so technically the entire thing is recycled.  However, I made it back when Butterz was still with us.  I could not bring myself to replace his "envelope" last year. No disrespect to Baxter, I simply could not do it.  
But it was time & we wanted Santa to know exactly where to deliver his gifts.  What you may not be able to tell is I made a new front & simply sewed onto Butterz's envelope so it's always with me.  I've decided that is what I will do for any envelopes moving forward.  That way I get to keep them all forever in some little way!
Recycled Materials = all of it = 100%
and yes, the misspellings are intentional!
Don't get me wrong, I didn't get to all my "want to do's", but thanks to Pinterest & my Holiday board, I have plenty of ideas for next year as well!  Hope everyone had a Happy Holiday whether it was DIY or not!

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