Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh yeah we did

And I will not apologize for it!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pallet Garden

i mean really? how cool is this?

Monday, March 14, 2011


i have found it & i can't stop thinking about it! who knew i could become obsessed with freakin faucet? but this thing is beautiful!

it's made by Jaclo & honestly i wish we'd never met.  it's all i can think of now!  one little's super expensive. i cannot possibly justify purchasing this thing. i cannot even print the price of it.  let's just say, it's about half of what my cabinets cost. shameful! i know! but i must to have! but it's still less than what SOMEBODY paid for a certain mountain bike, kiteboard, snowboard.......


there's really not that much to report. since we're waiting on the flooring, we can only do so much.  we did pick up the cabinets from IKEA just over a week ago. so they've been sitting in my drive way for now. i like to call it Kitchen In A Can!  my sister can appreciate that!

never let it be said that i'd hold up progress cuz i helped load this even with the monkey pox i was carrying that day!
nacho is trying to do anything at all at this point, so he started exposing the header between the dining room & living room this weekend.

Tucker will be glad to know, that header is coming out & going up!  so we're raising that whole opening up to be flush with the ceiling like it should have been done to begin with.  it's really in prep for a bigger change: the living room floor will come out to be even with the dividing wall.  again, like it should have been done to begin with.  and part of that opening (on the right in this photo) will be taken up by the banquet seating - you'll have to check my previous post & Sketch-Up drawing to see what i mean.  so we're really excited about that.

other than that, the guys came & installed the drywall in the window area last week.  what a mess!  i don't mean the construction guys, i mean nacho's attempt to clean up their drywall dust!  ugh!

i'm floored

10 years later & several Sketch-Up drawings & this is what we have to show for it!  yes, the flooring design is finally finished. i'm sure between our own changes & anything the flooring guy comes up with, we'll see something a little different before all is said & done, but for now it stands at this.

what that means for our timeline?  i have no idea.  i plan to check in with my flooring guy tomorrow or Wed to see where we're at & get an estimate on installation.  i do know they are trying to find someone that can install it given the complicated curves i've put in.  i've waited 10 years, i can wait a little longer. not sure if nacho & terry can cuz at this point, everything stops until this goes down.
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