Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Plugged In

If there is a plugin to be had in this rental we are using it

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Santa Paws

What a great way to start off the holidays!  We had the opportunity for the 2nd year in a row to do the photography for a fundraiser for The Ark Animal Shelter & we couldn't be more pleased.

Disclaimer1:  I am by no definition, no matter how loosely based, a photographer.  Like many people, I just like shooting pics & wish i knew more.  But unlike some, I've learned, I'm willing to bypass the Automatic setting on my camera in favor of the Manual setting & do my best & take my chances!  So with that, here are a few samplings from our work fun last night!

Disclaimer1:  This post is photo heavy & full of cuteness!

Let's start with the woman who started it all, Miss Donna & the rest of the Sarver clan.
Of course we had to pose for our own photo as well!
By far our funniest customers were these 2 Macaws.  They were a riot & completely out of control!
As the macaws proved, it wasn't all about dogs, we had quite a few cats this year & these 2 were just the best buds!
We had so many people that obviously loved their pets, be no one made as clear as this gentleman did.  He has so much love for his friend & it shows!
 A return couple from last year's event, and man had this lab grown!
Lucy (we may have that name wrong) we such a sweetie!  With her "I'm blind" sweater, she had us all at woof!
There were so many rescue dogs with happy endings.  We could not possibly post all of them.  This husky youngster was the perfect model.  One shot & we were done!  What a lucky human he has!
 Another return from last year...Miss Sally.  My god this girl is perfection!  If her mom would look away for just a minute, I would have gladly brought her home.  They are both so lucky to have one another.
 And we could not post these adopted pets without including a couple of the honored guests who are still looking for a home.  Macey (pointer beagle mix) and Leo (standard poodle).  It is a wonder they made it out of the shoot.  I was gonna take Macey & Tisha was gonna take Leo.  They are looking for forever homes & you COULD NOT go wrong with them. They were both so sweet & gentle!  I'm still trying to figure out how i can trick Nacho into Macey!
Last, but not least, the crew that made it all possible.  So much work in so little time!  In 3 hours we managed to raise $2000+ for The Ark.  A job well done!

One Final Note:  We were happy to raise every penny that we could, but you know it's never enough.  If you find you have the room in your home for a pet, please find the room in your heart to adopt!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Early Batch

you won't usually see this
for at least another month.  but we were so excited & grateful to be done with Cookie's radiation treatments that we just couldn't resist making a batch for the VCA staff.  of course, the minute a couple co-workers found out, i had to promise to bring some in.
for those who've never experienced this treat, they are called Pizzelles and Nacho makes them every Christmas.  they are D-Lish!
although the ingredients are pretty basic (sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, vanilla extract), as we've learned, there is some sort of trick to it because they seem to come out different every year!  Nacho has tweaked the recipes multiple times (one year even trying to do a healthy version YUCK), but we think this batch is by far the best!
you can use an electric Pizzelle maker (like we do) or the old ones you held over a stove - no thanks!
you can see the batter in the picture above, lower left corner.  it's rather thick - thicker than cake batter but not as thick as peanut butter.  just put a dollop on each pattern
close the lid & let it sit for 1 minute & you've got yourself warm soft Pizzelles.  Nacho lays ours out to cool & harden, but you can roll them up into cannolo & fill them with creme or ice cream.  speaking of ice cream, most people say they remind them of a waffle cone & that's about right.
we've seen traditional recipes call for Anise, but neither one of us care for that so we just leave it out.  and this year i sprang for some expensive type vanilla & i think it was worth it.  you can really taste it.
so while we did save some for ourselves, the bulk of them (7 dozen to be exact) went to VCA to thank them for all they've done for Cookie.
and i'd say they were worth every penny!

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