Thursday, November 24, 2011


It's an unconventional holiday for me & Nacho. We're on the road today about 4 hours from my hometown. So while most people are either into their 3rd hour of holiday prep or still sleeping in, we are inching closer to my family.
Family. That word means different things to different people. My definition got a permanent rewording when my parents divorced almost 30 years ago. I learned that family doesn't have to be that group that you are born into. Family for me is the people you chose to surround yourself with. And I've chosen some pretty cool family members.
At its core, my family is my sister Renee, my brother Jimmy, my nephew Bryce, and, of course, Nacho.  I am fiercly loyal to my family & grateful for each one of us. When I think of everything my siblings & I did to get to this family, it makes me smile. And I couldn't have chosen a better family member to add to our little clan than Nacho. For him I am most ThankFull.
So whether you are elbow deep in a turkey or doing your best today to decline "one more piece" of whatever, take a good look around at those people (or animals) you've chosen to spend it with & be ThanFull they chose you too!
Happy Turkey, TurDuckEn, ToFurkey Day!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beer Me

we interrupt this.....well, pretty much everything going on at our house, to bring you Nacho's first welding project.  say hello to Todd's beer stand!
Todd has gotten serious about home brewing & since we decided to DIY our dining table base, this seemed like the perfect training project.  Todd provided us with drawings & measurements & Nacho provided the welding.  not bad for a first project i might say.  you're looking at the future of 3 brewing kettles!  we cal first dibs on the first batch!
coming up!  the dining table base.  yes, it's done & in place.  i just don't have a decent photo of it yet - unless you'd like a photo even more blurry than this one taken with my phone!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

TAG you're finally it!

OMG!!! you have no idea what a big deal this is!  Nacho has waited & watched that mailbox for just shy of 2 months waiting for this to come in!

and every day, he comes in the door sad & dejected!  you would think someone had kicked his hockey gear!  well, last night he finally got his wish & the tag that I PLANNED LIKE 5 YEARS AGO finally came in.  we can all breathe a collective sigh of relief people.
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