Sunday, May 9, 2010


you would think that as much technology as i work around all day long i'd make sure we were all webified at home. top of the line shiny stuff. latest and greatest. you'd be wrong. my crappy, cheapy little web cam and stone age scanner are proof that i refuse to spend money on certain technology until it forces me to do so. i've had my little MicroTek ScanPro for at least 11 years. i can't even get drivers for it beyond Windows XP. therefore, we will always have a computer in the house that has XP cuz, well, the scanner works.

but i didn't come here to talk about the scanner. no ma'am. it's the web cam. you know, that thing producing the low-grade quality picture to your left. go ahead, look, i won't go anywhere. i have no idea how long i've had it. probably only 4 years. but let me say, it has been the most utilized $60 i ever spent...besides that spree in Swinger's World. this camera time and time again will not give me a reason to get rid of it. crappy software? nope, always seems to magically work the minute i say i'm trashing it. crappy picture? nope, you can tell that's tree can't you? horrible online support? nope, wouldn't use it anyway. this thing infuriates me constantly, and then pulls through at the last minute with the high-quality image you see today? it even got blown off the deck in a storm and it's still working. oh, the blank screen of late? well, that was just an experiment to force you to use your imagination. kind of a "think for yourself" exercise! you're welcome!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

my new favorite blog

i don't even know how i came across this one. i'm such rss whore that it's possible it got it in my feeder. but i LOVE this woman! i don't always understand her postings, but i love her stuff. i read the True/Slant interview this week and liked her even more. i think she is a blend of my friend Moser, my friend Leigh back in Tallahasse, and myself (cuz really that's about as well as i can draw).

Saturday, May 1, 2010


with all the work that went into installing the new well, we gained a little space in the garage with the removal of the old one. we've long talked about doing away with the wall between "my" garage and nacho's. we decided a more practical approach was to widen the door between our garages. so nacho started work on that today. we hope to finish tomorrow.
so this is the start - tearing down the supports for the old door frame....

and this is the result. once we cut the cinder block this will be a nice opening and a lot easier to move stuff to and fro (how often do you get to use the word fro without talking about hair!).
and really, you can't post remodeling work without a photo of a hot carpenter guy!
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