Monday, September 27, 2010

hose head

i've decided to start my midlife crisis, so i went on my first motorcycle ride ever on Sat. big thanks to Tucker and Moser for taking me along.  and thanks to Dykstra for putting us in the loop on this one. it's a really interesting story how the Road Apples came to be.
so this was the welcome sign at Stop1 in Tiskilwa.

and this was my escort for the day
when life hands you lemons, find a hose clamp!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

heart and sol

only Nacho will know what that title means (and maybe SilentG) but congrats to us for surviving yet another year together.  and what a year it's been.  i couldn't be more grateful for the words i said 9 years ago.  and they mean just as much to me now as they did then.  some would expect them to mean more, but that's kinda hard when they always meant everything.  i could of course sit here and go on and on, but that's not really me when it comes to this. i'm not rainbows and unicorns and i'm not so certain feelings are that big of a deal (i'm more of an intent girl myself). and my intentions today are the same as they were 12 years ago.  LM/TM/I+4

Sunday, September 12, 2010

what did you do this weekend?

they say when you own a home you never run out of projects. i hope that is not true. i don't know how much more concrete i can move. seriously. well thanks to Katie for the perspective on all our hard work. i wish i could say we were done, but there's more to do. maybe the hard part is behind (well, in front of us) now!
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