Thursday, April 30, 2009

RibFest 2009

Sept 12th is the official date. so look for the Evite from Nacho!

will this never end????

to answer the unending question lately, yes, the river is coming back up. i realize that all that mulch i laid last week might be a bit premature, but i'm hoping for the best. they are currently predicting 21.6 or something. and i like to think that this little lady knows best and wouldn't have made her home if we weren't safe! at least this will be a test for the new Gabion that i built Sunday to hopefully protect my garden in the future. it worked for the beach!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

she is so back!

was able to snap a couple photos of our mom to be this weekend. she has since covered up the hole she dug out so we don't know if there are eggs or not, but we're gonna leave her alone as much as possible. when/if there's something to snap, we'll do and post it! hooray and welcome back girl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

i am running out of reasons

like the majority of county voters, nacho and i voted against the recent tax hike to fund the Riverfront Museum. there are plenty of other great blogs for and against this, and since the tax increase did pass, i won't waste my time and yours explaining my reasons. upon the initial election results, nacho was, to say the least, pissed. maybe it's a 40 thing, but i just looked at the results on the idiot box, said "well, that's settled. i'm going to bed." and did so. nacho is more intent on spend as much of his purchasing dollars outside of Peoria County.

i do a fair amount across the river as it is, but now i have 1 more reason not to shop in Peoria county. i finally discovered they have a PetSmart. some time ago i gave up Kohl's, Lowe's and Schlotzsky's in Peoria. okay, sometimes nacho and i will hit the Schlotzsky's on North Knoxville. but today i had to go out on my lunch to get food for The Monsters. out of shear habit, i started out for the PS in Peoria, then remembered there's one in East Peoria. it's not a tax issue, mind you, it's just actually closer and less of a traffic nightmare than traipsing all the way across town. now if East Peoria ever gets a Target and a LaBamba, that will be the icing on the cake!

RedNeck Romance

hey Rundles, did you guys go to this wedding?

Monday, April 13, 2009

welcome back!

to the untrained eye, this is nothing more than a pile of mulch. to us, it's the start of something pretty awesome!

Suggestion Box

so nacho and i took the new girl out for a spin Sat. sadly, no pics. why do i even own a camera. it was all very impromptu. since our beach is still completely under water, launching it was easy. we just used the 4 wheeler and backed it over the berm (what's left of that). easy peasy. on her maiden voyage, we scored 2 buouys. a red Nun and green Can. seriously, that's what they are called. and no we're not keeping them. so it was a successful maiden voyage to say the least.

however, it did remind me that we don't have a name for her. i wanted Tipsy, but Todd has that taken for the Hobie. so i'm interested in any names that anyone can give me for the girl. winner gets a hardy handshake and a pat on the back!

Friday, April 10, 2009

i couldn't have agreed more.....

10 minutes ago

fortunate cookie

Today will be lucky and memorable for you.

oh, it already is!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

today's misfortune cookie

Nothing can keep you from reaching your goals. Do it!

do what?

DO NOT try this at work

i cannot stress enough, DO NOT search on the word toe in at least not at work. who knew? now you do!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

our beach - or something like that

okay, these were taken March 24th, when we still had water surrounding the house.
North beach (between us and Kim's)

South beach (no, not Miami! between us & Ray, aka Fiero house)

i believe by this level we could walk in with our hip waders, but still couldn't drive in. the only thing difference now is there is no water on the "land" side of things, the water on the beach is only down about 2 feet and we burned most of the debris on the North this past weekend. oh, and that big white metal thing is some old fuel tank. most likely off a farmer's field. Kate just had to have it for her dad. and wouldn't you know it, he just loved it. sick sick people!

we still have tons in front of the house on the beach, and on the South beach. there's easily 5 Trees...full trees people, not some small trunk...sitting on the South end. this cleanup is and will be hell for a while. i'll try to get some shots of what remains of my yard, if you can call it that. it's pretty much gone, and i mean GONE! as in, didn't you guys have a yard at one time?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

slowly receding

i've not been diligent this time about posting any photos of our first flood for 2009. i guess if you've lived through 5 or 6 floods, you've seen 'em all. the amazing thing about this one is technically we're flooded. i haven't seen my beach in weeks. nacho and i spent some time last week getting some of the debris moved out of the yard and onto what sliver of sand there was and then burning what we could. i'll try to post debris photos tonight cuz i did take some it's just soooo exhausting getting them off the camera and onto the computer.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

dress code

i don't see an issue with how i dressed for work today!
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