Thursday, March 27, 2008

one of the best birthdays ever

for many reasons, but this is one of them


oh, i am the worst at this. i woke up one morning thinking it was one friends birthday and nacho informed me that isn't until 2 days later. then i remembered another friend who has a birthday in Feb, but i don't know the date. probably makes you question exactly how i define friend right? it's a loose definition at best and seems to have more to do with being willing to take a ranting irrational call from me at some obscure hour of the morning or understanding my "electricity comes from the sun" speech than actually knowing any significant dates of my life or me of yours.
and because i have learned at 38 pride is a useless virtue, i called this 2nd friend to say "hey, when is your birthday?" to which she responded "it was last Friday". i'm right on time then. this then led us to the typical birthday perspective (hers not mine) that "it's just another day". DAMN IT IT IS NOT JUST ANOTHER DAY!!!! WEDNESDAY IS JUST ANOTHER DAY (unless it's your birthday). YOUR BIRTHDAY IS THE BEST DAMN DAY OF THE YEAR. NOW GET EXCITED!!! i'm a little fanatical about birthdays aren't i? and yet, i can't seem to remember anyones. hmmmm

so that got me to remembering my mom's birthday. she too held the belief that it is just another day. well, it's probably a good thing, cuz i never could get my mom's bday right. see, i had this friend way back from elementary school who's day was Nov 5 and my mom's was Nov 7. but i never could remember who's was when. so i would call my mom on Nov 5 and say something like "well, i thought before things get too crazy i'd go ahead and call and wish you a happy bday". never once did she ever say "you're a little early dear" or "well that's not for 2 days". mom's are awesome - she knew i didn't know the exact date. a the year before she passed away, i called my sister on Nov 5 and asked what was the date, the 5th or the 7th. to which she and my brother both responded "well, we were hoping you would know." thanks guys big help. so i sucked it up, called my mom that day (the 5th) and admitted to not being able to get her date straight. she knew! and then she gave me multiple ways to remember it: (1) it's always the day you vote and (2) the 7/11 store. since i waited much later in life to actually vote, option 1 wasn't as helpful as it could have been. but option 2, now that's a different story! i haven't missed a happy bday since!

oh, and if you subscribe to the notion that "it's just another day", good for you. you're welcome to it. not me. MY BIRTHDAY IS THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF THE WHOLE FREAKIN YEAR AND PEOPLES FROM ALL OVER DANCE AND REJOICE ON MY DAY!!!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

it went something like this

life is just high school with a tie and jacket.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Everybody has someone in Management that should hear this

"Recycled jokes are not eco-friendly and actually may damage the environment"

the countdown begins

actually it began the first day of this month. be we are on the offical Week of Denise! hooray! i'm sure explains the spring in your step today. or the crazy weather we've been having. even Mother Nature is so excited she can't decide what to do! welcome to the week of ME!

Monday, March 17, 2008

super nacho!

dawson: so how are the eyes man?
nacho: great! i can see into the future!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

mile marker 856

yeah, it's been a little while since my last post. you could tell i was not in a "good place". so where is this "good place" that everyone speaks of. i'm beginning to think it either doesn't exist or i wrote down the wrong directions AGAIN! anyway, it's the journey that's supposed to count right? not the destination? i'm not enjoying the journey right now. it's like the air conditioning doesn't work and all i can get is a half-static on the car stereo. and where is that rest area? i'm dying for a rest area right now. i mean i really gotta go! or else we're all gonna be in big trouble!
and that's how i'm feeling today? how 'bout you?
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