Monday, March 30, 2009

me 4.0

okay, i'm officially bday'd out. so much so, i couldn't write another thing about my bday until today. nacho really put i over on me this year. after the Friday festivities, i thought we were done. thought we were doing a nice quiet dinner with the Williamsons. nah! seems nacho set up a surprise bday party Sat night for me at Alexander's. where else do you think we'd go. i was even oblivious to the fact that Silent G's ghetto sled was in the lot when we walked in. thanks to everyone that showed up. i was seriously surprised. and thanks to Donna for my very own apple pie that i didn't have to share with anyone - and i didn't.

nacho rounded out the weekend with dinner at his P's. his mom makes the most amazing ricotta stuffed shells you can imagine! and we topped it off with what? the only thing that would make a bday of nacho's hockey games. yipee! they did not win the final championship game, but boy did they give them a run for their money. ah, another hockey game. what more could a girl ask for.

and btw Kate, the cake was chocolate rasberry. surprise!

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