Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Don't forget the Guage link

for those interested, please remember, i have the Peoria River Guage link in my links to the left. i use Henry as my guide, but since many use Peoria, i linked directly to it instead. you can always use the Upstream link on their site if you want to watch Henry like me and Nacho.

oh, and for those who keep asking "how bad is this compared to last Sept?", Henry is predicting 31.20 this time. last time it hit 31.10. so again, we'll have roughly 38" of water in the garage. say it with me people.....GOOD TIMES!


Anonymous said...

Yanno, I did plan on taking swimming lessons this year. What's the going rate in your garage?

Cookie said...

safest place to do it. you know you won't float away and you can even blog on the pc while you're at it!

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