Thursday, February 28, 2008

a glimmer of hope

it's been a crazy, depressing week. literally. i thought i was going crazy and then just realized i was depressed. this was the week for performance reviews at work too. and every year we have to self-eval and i always mark myself lower than my boss does. so i should be pretty please with that right? well, whatever. i just can't seem to get excited about anything this week. i'm sure it's just the February blah's. i'm so ready for some warm weather and flowers. i always pot a few extra tulip bulbs to force indoors and those are getting tall stalks on them now. so there is hope. i just look at them every morning and remind myself something very pretty is just around the corner.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

i'm going to camp

okay, i'm almost ashamed to say that nacho and i are seriously considering attending hippiefest this year. but you gotta admit, the lineup is pretty good. and just think? we can bathe in front of our own house and won't get charged for it! yippee hippee!

sweet freedom

have you ever tried to remember that song, celebrity, movie, whatever and it was just rackin' your brain that you couldn't think of it? and you're with a group of friends when it happens and you're all like "ugh! this is gonna kill me if i don't remember it!" and the conversation moves on but you can't really pay attention cuz you're still stuck in that thing you couldn't remember from 2 hours ago? or, if you're like me, 2 days ago? then, out of nowhere, you remember it and and you yell it out like you have terrets syndrome or something. of course you're usually in a different crowd by that time and no one has any idea what the hell you're talking about, so you ahve to explain it. and finally, you can feel that knot in your stomach release and you feel 50 pounds lighter? well, that's what it finally feels like to have my router replaced, hooked up, config'd and back online. okay, maybe more like 6 hours and 2 flushes after that la bamba super burrito. but you get the idea!

Friday, February 15, 2008

our final addition

the trifecta is complete!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

technical difficulties and other stuff

after a fun week snowboarding at Steamboat (yes, i will post the Gnome tossing photos) i came home to find that my router had tanked. and because i'm too lazy to run the network cable from the modem over to my computer, i'm having to use nacho's pc to post this. and because i'm too cheap to go out to BestBuy or some other local monger, i'm waiting patiently for my shiny new wireless router to arrive from NewEgg. suffice it to say, i'm joining the 18th century and going wireless. masses of people are clapping uncontrollably. so yes, those of you with wireless laptops can jump on the shiny newness when you visit. i must admit, my intentions are a bit selfish. i enjoyed surfing from my PSP this past week in Steamboat and it convinced me to finally go wireless. i think the PSP put a hit out on my router. so 3-day delivery, hurry up will ya? oh, and yes, i'm too cheap to pay for faster delivery. i girls gotta have her shiny new snowboard too!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the guardians

i think nacho and i have proven that we can barely take care of ourselves and the boxers. anyone who knows us would attest to the fact that we cannot dress ourselves. i'm still upset that they don't make garanimals for adults and my dependency on them shows!

but recently, 2 sets of friends have some warped vision that nacho and i would make great guardians for their kids should anything happen to them. can you imagine? anyone been there when nacho was "watching Matrix"? so i've been amazed for some time how most everyone we know, says it's too bad we decided not to have kids. that we'd make great parents. at first i think, "that's very nice, but you really need to lower your dosage." then i think "what is it you see that we don't?" then i realize, it's more like "when one person poops, we all have to wear the diaper."

suffice it to say, nacho and i have discussed this guardianship thing at great length. the one set of friends is back home in Florida, so that really wouldn't be an option. if anything did happen, their son would have to relocate to Illinois. so we've found a happy medium with being their financial guardians instead. as for the other couple, we're going to sit down next week to talk. i guess we'll need a larger kennel, another shock collar, and an appeal to garanimals.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

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