Monday, January 12, 2009


yeah yeah i've been lax the last week for posting. but i have a valid excuse. i had The Black Lung. well, i'm much better now. in that time, the flood has come and sorta gone. the beach is still under ice/water and nacho is enjoying pond hockey once again this year. but what would a flood be without one of us doing something stupid? lucky for me, no one was around with a camera to witness me throwing minnows back into the river as it was receding this past fall. BUT, i was around to witness this feat of futility!

here's nacho trying to hold back the river. keep in mind this was after he'd decided enough had come through to create a hockey rink in the field behind us. he couldn't help but ask himself What Would Beaver Do? and apparently the beavers approved because we caught them several times at night cruising by to check out nacho's work!

and this People is what he was trying to keep back! yeah, he was about as successful as you think he was. let the head shaking commence!

two words: Taken Ladies!

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