Monday, January 12, 2009

let's settle this!

i have had more than one person in the last 2+ months say "you know who i realized nacho looks like? doogie howser!" agree? disagree?


Kate said...

seriously?!?! I disagree.

I mean Doogie is taller. He walks the red carpet - Nacho kayaks the Illinois River when it's frozen.

Plus, I mean lets face it - Nacho has much better hair! :)

I did some extensive research and based off of pictures from the Grand Canyon and the folks at, Nacho looks like Johnny Depp, Jim Morrison, Helen Hunt, and Madonna....yah, right.

Cookie said...

i'm not sure what to say to that!

Anonymous said...

I would say not really Doogie Howser. However I was watching a Clay Walker video (country music) and said to Marty "that's Nacho only with brown hair!"

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