Thursday, January 1, 2009

new year's day traditions

my mom always said, "never spend new year's day doing anything that you don't want to be doing all year long". i think that was her way of deflecting any responsibility for 1 day of the year. smart woman. so i try to do very little new year's day. i did mess up with one thing this year, i did a load of laundry. but not the Dawson type of laundry - aka getting loaded. real laundry. we did do our usual hike. and i hope this is not a sign of what our year will become, but we are flooded again. the water did make it over the yard and is now filling up the field behind us. i have a really hard time explaining it to people who have never seen it before, so here's a panoramic that i hope covers it.

so the water comes over the yard, over the driveway, fills up the field, and, eventually, if the flood is bad enough, heads back towards the house and river and enters the garage. nacho assures me we won't have any in the garage this time. i hope he's right. but if all goes well, it's neighborhood hockey every afternoon. Barry picked a great time to move in just up the street!

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