Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 09!

how was yours? mine was excellent thanks! we had Cake for new years. 2+ hours of nothing but Cake. that is we spent the evening at the Riverside Theatre watching Cake and an interesting collection of opening acts - LOVED the Polka guys! i'd say that their choice of opening acts was as interesting as i've always thought them to be. i was surprised at how much of their music i knew. okay maybe i don't KNOW all the lyrics but i knew the songs. i think all night there was only 1 song that i can say i don't think i'd ever heard. it made me painfully aware of how often i listen to them. so it was really cool to recognize every song.

as usual, nacho did really well with tickets. we were 6 rows from the stage. had i bothered to ask before we headed out, i would have brought the camera (the good one) to get some pics cuz we had prime real estate. i will not make that mistake again. but what a show. check out cjfoeckler's flikr stream - we were as close as he was.

next up? Madeleine Peroux

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