Monday, January 26, 2009


my mom had this thing for kitchen knives. by thing i mean she was constantly inflicting injury on herself by using them. i recall numerous ER visits resulting from her dexterity with said cutlery. among many other things i have inherited from her, tall and skinny not being one of them, this is "my favorite". my finesse is not confined to the kitchen though. i have been known to shoot a simple staple gun into my hand because i neglected to look at where the staple was going to exit. well, this weekend, i managed to lob off the tip of my ring finger. not bad enough, in my opinion, to warrant an ER visit, but nacho would disagree (and he did). you never realize how much you use each and every digit until you can't. and i realize that cutting off my ring finger to spite my marriage probably wasn't the way to go but it was a way!

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Kate said...

I didn't realize things were so bad between you and Nacho. You know you can come over any time to vent - don't go cutting your fingers off! :)

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