Monday, December 22, 2008


another year and another puzzle. figuratively and literally. this past weekend was our Christmas Tradition weekend. cue the music, open the wine, and break out the puzzle. this is actually the first year we finished the whole thing. as in, the first year the Monsters didn't eat a pice or 2. they did however destroy the box, and possibly, the original puzzle i bought for this year while we were in Beaver Creek. since we managed to finish the replacement puzzle super early, we're taking the remaining pieces of the 1st puzzle and working on it the next 3 nights. we'll see how much of that is left!

oh, and in answer to some questions i've gotten about this:
- we typically do this during the "12 days of Christmas"
- when we're done, we take the puzzle to Goodwill or offer to a kid's school if we know someone that wants it
- no tv, phone, etc. just Christmas music the entire time. suffice it to say, we have a healthy disdain of Wham UK's Last Christmas. and we have an awesome nacho-ized version of it!
- average wine consumption = 4 bottles (not all in one night people)

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