Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Winter Solstice!

i've never understood the disappointment that surrounds the shortest day of the year or the excitement for the longest. but nacho is all about both of those. as the summer solstice approaches i get to hear all about how crappy it is that "the days are getting shorter from here on out." and then today, hooray! "the days are getting longer now!" like somehow you've been cheated and then you won it all back! i just don't get it. well, in summer we have a tradition for the solstice. we take the day (or at least half of it) and just me and nacho hit the river to ski as late as we can. my favorite was last year when we skied until about 930p. we got robbed this year due to bad weather. but what do ya do for the winter solstice? never thought about that before. we don't have an activity. i guess sleep in. but then again i celebrate that every Fri, Sat and Sun. guess i'll need a different tradition for the winter solstice. well, happy longer days people!

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