Wednesday, December 31, 2008

making it easy for you......once again

even though we're probably about to crest, i thought i'd just add the link for the Peoria River Guage site to the links on the left. i hate to get linky but i hate having to go find that site every time we get a bunch of water. so enjoy.

oh, and Nacho did confirm that he mostly looks at the Peoria guage to determine our flooding and that "24 in the door" means, 24 predicited at Peoria and we have water in the garage. as i've said, i like to go by the Henry guage cuz by the time it hits Peoria, it's passed me by. so there seems to be a difference of about 4.61 feet. so 24 Peoria = 28.61 Henry. if you are that creative (MOSER, TODD), feel free to compose a rhyme for 28.61, otherwise, 28 will do.

hmmm.....28-er, get the waders! 28 plus, get in the kayak bus! 28 high, here comes the tide!

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Anonymous said...

28, that's just great, add another point six-one, holy shit, better run!

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