Thursday, December 4, 2008

hooray! christmas party!

today is my work Christmas party. unlike traditional work parties, i actually look forward to this one. i should also clarify, that we don't do the full office party. our little group of IT nerds do our own party. we're not about the feelings and spirit of love this season kinda thing. we prefer the cynical, condescending spirit of the season. each year we try to do something different. our first 3 years were trips to the movies to watch the Lord of the Rings movies. last year was supposed to be The Golden Compass but it never happened. we've also done bowling and a delayed spring party of goofy golf. it didn't take long for our party to catch on and now the "touch-feely" IT staff ask about our party each year and ask to be invited. remember the cynical/condescending thing i mention? yeah, well, they don't get invited. so this years party is Wii goodness at my bosses house. we leave today at 11a for lunch (the traditional IT technie cuisine of Chinese booofaaa) and then it's on to Mark's newly finished basement for serious competition! if pictures are taken, they will be posted!

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