Monday, December 1, 2008

good eats and then some!

i'm spending today in a self-induced food comma. we headed up to Chicago this past weekend and were treated to a weekend of amazing food by DaKims! i CANNOT say enough about the restaurants they treated us to.
Sat lunch was at Urban Belly. because we'd eaten so much sushi the night before (i forget the name of that place), Nacho and i shared an appetizer of Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings and then Asian Egg Noodles. for me, coming off a hideous cold the entire week before, i decided i will drive up to Urban Belly the next time i get sick. this was truly comfort food.
Sat night we went to Custom House. DEAR GOD! we had a 4 course with wine pairings that were unreal! i think these were the best oysters i've ever had and i never eat oysters when i'm away from home! they were also nice enough to write down all the wines we had so i could get a 2nd job to afford my new addiction. lots of amazing food and a beautiful restaurant! the best part was watching nacho "doctor" his coffee. he does not know the word MODERATION!
as if we hadn't had enough food to last us for the next week, yesterday was brunch at Green Zebra. i could not pass up the chance to try their version of grits. what could (1) someone from the city and (2) a vegetarian restaurant know about a Southern staple? i found out LOTS! to date, the best Bloody Mary i've ever had. this will change my own recipe! a HUGE thanks to Charles' sister for treating us so well at both her restaurants. we couldn't have been more impressed or more grateful!
we could not thank DaKims enough for leading us around by the nose and the stomach. this was a blast. i didn't mind the impromptu What Not to Wear that Katie treated me to. thanks for subjecting yourself to all that and temping at BR! for the safety of all concerned, i will not comment on Friday night Uno. what happened in the condo stays in that condo - literally, you won't be able to get it out of there!

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