Wednesday, April 16, 2008

show me the muddy

a few years ago i was reading Adventure magazine and saw the add for the Muddy Buddy race. if you've never heard of it, visit their site. really, it's a blast. so i wasn't able to do it that year cuz i saw the ad too late. but nacho and i signed up for it the next year and went up to Chicago to run it with our 2 "Foster Kids" and another couple. we had an awesome time. this race is like so many others in that they hold it at various locations around the country. for whatever reason, i think because we go there so often for snowboarding, i've always wanted to do the one in Colorado. well, today i signed me and my dearest friend up for it. she lives out there so that makes it super convenient. and she's going into it kicking and screaming...she has no idea she'll come out of it that way too! it's not until Aug, but i couldn't wait to post something about it so she can't back out! and btw, this post's title is our team name: Show Me the Muddy! wish us luck!

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