Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Siphoning off corn to fuel our cars

okay, i'm so sick of this! like so many homes, businesses, etc. ethanol is a constant source of buzz around here. and i fully admit to my bias because Nacho works for an ethanol plant. but i'm constantly amazed at the way these topics develop. let's see, i remember it something like this:

5 years ago
so nacho, you work for an ethanol plant? what the hell is that? you make fuel out of corn? that sounds ridiculous! i mean who would buy that? doesn't matter does it, cuz you can't actually find anyone that sells it? what a joke!

last 2 years
we have to get off this dependence on oil. hmmm what alternative fuel could we use? oh, i know! ethanol! that would be awesome! we could use corn to make fuel for cars. how much easier could that get? i mean, we already grow corn and a ton of it. what an awesome idea. ethanol will save the world! ethanol HAS to save us! it's so much better for the environment. look at all these plants popping up out of nowhere. this will be great for farmers.

last 6 months
okay, what's up with this ethanol? it doesn't really cost less and you don't get that great of gas mileage? oh, and there's still nowhere that you can actually buy it. i think there are like 5 ethanol pumps in the entire state. what a joke. oh, and you know it actually takes more energy to make ethanol that it saves by using it. what a load of crap. did you know it's actually contributing to the greenhouse problems? and now people can't eat because farmers are taking food away from them to sell for ethanol. food prices are soaring. damn ethanol!

you know what? you're exactly right! i bet sugar or soy-based fuels would never have those same issues. can't wait until we move on to some other "save the world" solution so we tear it down five minutes later! oh and never mind ditching your gas guzzling SUV and living in that 3000 square foot house for just 2 people or producing those 8 kids you don't really need that exacerbate the problem. nah, that couldn't possibly have anything to do with it. be sure to slather on the SPF800 before you hit the sun!

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