Saturday, April 19, 2008

my world

so i'm in the office on a rainy Sat (that makes it somewhat bearable) working on an upgrade for my favorite project leader. no i'm not brown nosing cuz she doesn't read this at all. and i figured if i have to be here then why can't you? so here's a glimpse of my 4 day a week hell.

we now live in cubicle hell. but it's not so bad. beats the asbestos laden offices we had before. as a matter of fact those are pool noodles under my desk. he who has not bitched can cast the first noodle!

and this is our mod carpet that no one but me seems to like. i wanted so bad when they were installing it to steal some for my laundry room. i dig this pattern. can you find the Mickey Mouse ears?

and i know i should come up with a name for this guy, but i just can't think of anything yet. he keeps the bad juju from raining down on me.

sometimes i punch him....

and this is how i feel most days. i love my job!

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