Thursday, April 10, 2008

big momma watching

okay, sometimes a web cam is not your best friend. i'm sitting at work and it's really crappy weather here. a co-worker mentions rain and it occurs to me to check the web cam at home. i can tell right away something is wrong cuz there's a chair tipped over on the deck. but the bigger problem is/was the fact that i can see right through the patio table top. i shouldn't be able to do that! panic begins! it finally dawns on me to call my neighbor - the guy renovating the house next to us - cuz he's always there. so we all sit here glued to my monitor at work, watching my neighbor walk all over my deck picking things up. he calls to let me know everything is generally okay, but the storm must have picked up the tempered glass top to the patio table and it's shattered into "a million little pieces" (except my story really did happen). if i start gluing now, i might have a table by the end of summer!

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