Monday, October 10, 2011


just call us 92%.  we get 92% of a project completed & move on to something else cuz, like so many people i know, you just get sick of dealing with it.  if someone opened a business & called it The Last 8%, they'd make a killing.  i will claim to be ADHD until that business opens.  i am an idea person & a demo person.  so i have had the idea for some time that my trusty garden fencing really needed to be replaced.  Korby & i had worked hard a number of years ago to cut a sh*t ton of willow branches & make a nice looking fence out of them.  and in tru Me fasion, this is the only pic i have of one section of it.
taken at night of course with absolutely no patience for lighting, adjustments, etc.  just the rush to get a before photo before i actually ripped it out.  although i did find this one in the Gabion Wall files
see it poking up in the foreground?  this was a pretty intense project at the time.  it has held up nicely through countless floods & has that rustic, organic feel to it. okay, nice & all, but time to move on.  not long after Nacho finished our cable railing system, i found railing system made out of hog confinement wire - the same stuff we made our Gabions out of.  he's lucky he got that cable railing done before i found it.  but since then, i have wanted some sort of railing system made our of metal & the wire panels.  tada!
tear the old out!
and put in the new
now believe me, it did actually hurt a little to tear all that willow out. a LOT of work went into putting it in place to begin with.  but i like the clean look of this so much better. we're still working on the rest of the panels, but 2 panels in & i couldn't be more please!

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