Monday, October 10, 2011


we really have gotten more done than i've bothered to post here. i think i get worse & worse about taking photos then never posting any of them. so i needed a break from all that procrastination. Friday i took Baxter to Robinson Park for a really nice hike that frankly wore both of us out!  so Saturday it was Nacho's turn to take me to Starved Rock State Park by boat!
We packed a nice little lunch of fried chicken, Gorgonzola potato salad, & cream filled cupcakes.  well, there wasn't much cream filling to the cupcakes cuz i now need to buy a piping kit. we waited & fried the chicken right before we left & to keep it warm, we used the boat engine!
and then just below Henry we saw an even bigger bird than the one we had keeping warm on the engine'
sorry for the quality but he was quite a ways from us & i didn't want to disturb him. i only have 75-240mm lens as my long lens so this was the best i could get.  anywho, after that it was just a lot of beautiful colors
of course we stopped off at Spring Valley Boat Club for a couple of Bloody Mary's.  thanks for the hospitality Troglios!  and then continued our trip up to SRSP. after an awesome lunch, we joined Tucker & locked through to visit Starved Rock Yacht Club.  i'm still always amazed at the amount of height you cover in a lock. this is as the lock was filling up
and this is when it was full & we headed north to SRYC.  
and even the change of seasons while you wait to lock through
ah, but the best was heading home

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