Tuesday, October 19, 2010

how do you make a gabion?

buy a lot of hog confinement wire from Tractor Supply. some times, just buy them out completely. they come in 16ft sections so you might want to cut them in half at TS so you can haul them in the back of THAT NEW TRUCK THAT YOU NEVER ASKED YOUR WIFE IF YOU COULD BUY!!! no photo needed cuz said wife is so over that truck!
hire some hot chick (hey maybe that wife) to man the John Deere so you can bend them into place. drive the JD over plywood set to create the bend.
said truck can be seen in the background. that's all the coverage it's every getting here! but said wife is so over it.
Take another piece of plywood, and, from the front, bend the front of the panel up to a 90.
and you're done! one of 2 sides
wash rinse repeat 80 SOMETHING MORE TIMES!
or until you run through the most recent batch that you bought TS out of. in that case proceed to the other TS and buy them out too until you've made like 50 of these! tops and bottoms are made from additional panels and it's all just wired into place with a roll of heavy gauge wire like they use for securing chain-link fencing to posts. at this level, it was actually cheaper for us just to buy the big roll of wire and cut it into strips for securing the panels & tops/bottoms together.  we went through 3-4 rolls of the stuff, but we never seem to run out of uses for it (some of you saw the Bug's Life costumes several years ago)
Why Would You Build Them Yourself?
as i said in my previous post, it really is cheaper and you can customize these to any size you want. most of ours were something like 6ft long, 4ft deep/high, and 2.5ft wide (i'm sure i'm off on that and nacho will quickly correct me). but the ones we used for the Sitting Wall, were half that height. so it really gave us some flexibility that we either wouldn't have had or would have paid out the nose for. nacho's research came up to about $80 a gabion (i have no idea the size) and this was WAY cheaper - plus it was kinda fun to keep buying TS out of this stuff.


Anonymous said...

How about you buy them from my company and stop voiding my companies product patent? -Arthur

Anonymous said...

And are baskets are made to any size needed and they cost around 70$ for the size you wanted.

Anonymous said...

That is the nice thing about the patent system. Individuals are allowed to create their own versions of patented goods. They are unable to sell them. It is the selling that is illegal not the making. The patent system works by getting you, the inventor, to divulge your innovative process in return for a limited duration commercial monopoly. Would you mind linking to your patent so I can better replicate your innovative product for my limited use?

Thanks for posting this Cookie! I'm going to be trying something similar. I'm also interested in making some gabions with curves.

Anonymous said...

Its difficult to believe such a simple design would even warrant a patent. Even if there was a real intellectual property threat (which is doubtful), the supposed patent owner would not post an idle warning. They would notify counsel to issue a desist letter, and file suit.

I want to use chain link fence for a gabion basket. Its a waterfront design, as a pedestal for decking . . . So your idea of bending wire fence is similar to the idea in my head.

Three cheers for encouraging innovation -- very modern, absolutely American!!

DKJacob said...

Anonymous should clearly identify him/herself so we know more about the patent being referred to in the comments.

Unknown said...

They chewed through the fence the first year. We purchased different fence for the second year, and they burrowed under it. Since the beds were so small we didn't want to pump money into them, The amount of produce wouldn't offset the cost.fence gate

jade said...

it did the trick and fixed a HUGE eye sore … for very little money, considering how big our fence actually is. I am only showing you a tiny little corner of this great big old fence. :D
fence estimator

Unknown said...

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