Sunday, April 17, 2011

lots of catch up

where the hell have i been?  oh yeah, let's see after the last post i had to head home to the Motherland because my 100-year old grand ma passed away, then i was sick the entire next week with some possum virus, and this week it's all been about catch up, no mustard, just ketchup!  so here's what's happened since eons ago!  oh, and to be fair most of these pics were taken mid-March but i'm always late posting so big whoop!

that Old Header between the living & dining room that used to look like this:

now looks like this:

it's funny cuz going up with the header actually makes the opening look wider.  you can see we put a knee wall in to break up the space a little more for what will be the dining area.  maybe it's the knee wall that makes it all look wider.  i don't know, i'm just a girl & math is hard.  and here's a pic of that dining corner:

the knee wall will also allow us to do something with that corner in the living room.  before you couldn't really put a chair there because 1 leg would hang out over the steps - go back to the first pic & you'll see what i mean.  I have to admit, it hurt to pull out the curved step that Nacho & I worked so hard to make, but it was worth the sacrifice.  and speaking of stairs,  here are the new ones the guys built:

we may be a little out there with this idea (okay, the whole kitchen cuz who starts their kitchen remodel off with a dog food drawer?), but we plan to make the area you see under the stairs, as well as that little pedestal thingy in the corner, into storage.  I've seen some really cool configs where people have done this & the fronts of the stairs are just drawer fronts.  yeah, crazy, but when you only have about 1,000 square feet of total living space, call me & tell me how creative you had to get for all your crap!  there is not a square inch of this remodel that has not been considered for double duty where possible.

but it's not been all rainbows & unicorns, this adventure. no sir.  with every remodel, some paint must be spilled.  and with that said, i am sad to report that my beloved flooring is gone!  gone!  did you hear that?  the sound of my spirit being broken!  nacho started pulling that up a couple weeks ago. i don't even recall when, i have repressed it.  as of today, all of it is gone.  it is the single cruelest thing ever done to me.  i don't have the strength to post that post-mortem photo.  let's just remember her the way she was in happier times...

i'll miss you Wavey!  and revenge will be mine!

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