Friday, April 29, 2011

hey my kitchen is in!

it's in the bathroom
it's in the living room
it's in the laundry room
it's in the garage
and now it's in the kitchen
oh, you didn't think i mean IN IN did you?  i forgot to mention...
it's in the office/Moser's bedroom too cuz now most all the flat packs are upstairs, so, they too are spread out everywhere.  now would NOT be a good time to flood!

1 comment:

337 said...

so nice.

sorry, forgot to email you back when you sent the email earlier. cabinet time then?

I found a cordless drill ratcheted down better to put some of the posts in the cabinets rather than using a hand screwdriver.

and if for some reason you don't have enough of something, let me know, I have a box of leftover pieces from the various cabinets that I have bought over the years.

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