Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Cut

today will end with this. Jeremy got the shapes cut out for our first color, Henna.  i could not be more pleased.  if i bothered to shoot video, you could appreciate how he does what he does. practially cut it all out in one shot.
he started by laying out 4 sheets:
so remember how i had to draw my design out with chalk last night?  here's why. Jeremy pulled the flooring up as he rough cut the curves underneath. so he'd pull, check, cut, pull, check, cut.  he'd then go back & refine the cuts so they were more smooth. all the while, cutting away the excess to reveal this curve.  amazing that he could get it so close.
and here's the curve that really started it all.  i've been doodling this curve since like 4th grade. why?  CUZ I KNEW THIS FLOOR WAS COMING 30-SOMETHING YEARS LATER!
so here we are with the completed Henna cuts:
 oh, and the man responsible for this!
he's now gluing the Henna down & will call it quits for the day. tomorrow we continue with the Oyster inset & the rod welding technique that sticks it all together.

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe you allowed someone with tattoos like that in your home. He is very handsome though.

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