Monday, May 18, 2009

you've seen one flood.....

yeah, again! i've given up on posting pics of the floods cuz really, when you've seen one this year, the 5th one is really just the same pic over and over again. we spent pretty much all weekend prepping. but, we're getting really good at this! i got home Friday after work and pretty much had all my stuff taken care of that night. even Nacho's stuff didn't take that long to put away. the good news is, this is not as bad as March - of which i took no pics either cuz, really... as of this posting, it's up to the concrete patio and only coming over because of the south wind we have today. they're calling for more of the same tomorrow and then, supposedly, sunny skies the rest of the week! hooray! so if you have a canoe, kayak, paddle boat, or john boat, feel free to come visit this weekend! it's likely i'll be making Floody Mary's!

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