Friday, May 22, 2009

okay, it's not that hard if you try

so this has been quite the education and i've been pleasantly surprised by the cooperation of multiple people i've talked to today. and now i have a better idea where to go for what i need. as i said, Anita from IVY Club was super helpful and verified my thought that boat clubs take an active interest in educating their members. and i just spoke to Jerilyn (sp?) at East Port Marina who echoed the same thoughts. she added, as you'd expect, that there's really nothing they can do to stop someone from going out. and we wouldn't expect they could. she also clued me in to the DNR site for the official press release that gives just a little more info - like the fine(s) for violating this. so check the newest release out!

but i was really surprised when i spoke with Petty Officer Shuey (sp?) with the Coast Guard Sector Office in St. Louis. he reiterated what i'd already learned and stressed how serious they take it. guess there was someone this week that went out and got their cruiser stuck in the middle of the river.....THE MISSISSIPPI RIVER....and they are laying into that one. and as the press release states, the fines range from $32,500 to $250,000 for violating the closure. WOW! oh, and the number to report that to is 314-269-2332 for those interested. St. Louis works with the local DNR and as Shuey put it, they will be out in full force this weekend and working with local law enforcement. i'm running our of WOW's!

one last note: as Jerilyn told me, remember this is ALL recreational traffic. KAYAKS INCLUDED!!! so does that mean i can't leave for work when we're flooded? can't take TheMonsters for "bi-ness"? well, it does mean we can't check out the islands during a flood and the premise being, not the wake, but safety. i can live with that!

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