Monday, May 18, 2009

Penthouse Suite

seems more people are interested in what's happened with momma duck than anything. we're guessing she's in the final stretch cuz she hardly leaves the nest. that was a problem Sat as we started flooding. finally at 530am yesterday, thanks to Butters clockwork morning pee, we were able to get to her nest while she was out stretching whatever it is that ducks stretch when they tire of sitting on their nest. so nacho and i used the remaining mulch that was destined for the flood, one of my terra cotta pots, and some concrete fill and physically raised her nest up. she took to it without hesitation. of course she did make some modifications of her own. so fingers crossed all 11+ eggs will be just fine. let's all hope we get to see it this year cuz we think she's due any day now!

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