Sunday, August 18, 2013


oh my! it's been waaaay longer than i thought since i last posted.  not that there has not been plenty going on, but i certainly have had time to post SOMETHING!  well, more on that later.  more importantly, i found the love of my life last night.  no, not another Nacho!  but check this girl out!
she is a gen-u-ine MCM (mid-century modern) Danish Modern Teak set!  and she was left sitting by the curb waiting for her prom date.  she even had to sleep outside!  oh the humanity!  well, since i have never fully recovered from my Regret......there was no way i was going to let this happen again!  no way! so i texted the 2 people i knew i could depend on for a rescue & one of them was able to take this girl in!  it's sickening what i paid for her - about 6x less than she is worth!  although i would have loved to have kept her for myself, you simply cannot rescue every stray.  but you can find good homes for them!  
and you can see, she's not in perfect shape, but certainly doing well for her age!  and Terry says i can visit her whenever i want - i hope he doesn't check the bushes for me nightly!  that would be embarrassing.
so while our time together was brief, i know i will see her again, and probably in the lifestyle she is accustomed to!
so long Danni!  until we meet again!

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