Monday, May 6, 2013

these boots were made for wadin'

one of the most popular question we get during any flood is "So are you able to live in your house?"  yes we do/can.  that is usually followed by the "how".  doesn't take much to describe to people the kayaking or john boating in and out.  yes it is a pain, especially when it floods in Feb & there is ice to consider, but hey, i'd rather sleep in my own bed.
what is hard to explain to people is the equipment & logistics.  it is imperative, no matter how high or low the water, that you have a pair of these
these are chest waders.  neoprene to be exact.  they are essential & you must keep them with you at all times!  they are also apparently the perfect Christmas gift from your hubs!
so i get up & do the usual get ready morning routine.  one exception:  do not put your shoes on!  at least i don't because i cannot wear my waders with shoes.  so get all dressed up like normal, except for shoes, and squeeze into your waders.  i now know exactly what a brat feels like!
put all your ancillary stuff in a dry bag (or garbage bag if you forgot to get the dry bag down before the flood uhg!).  do not forget your shoes unless you want to wear the aforementioned waders into work!
and for good measure, maybe wrap that in an rain jacket & cram it in the back of your kayak for the paddle out/in.   have some rope handy (preferably attached to your kayak in the event you need to tie off somewhere & you will!
 lastly, lock up said kayak when you get to shore.  you can never be too careful!
it just so happens that we got these cable locks 11 years ago from my work.  they are just simple computer cable locks - remember back when companies used to literally lock their computers down?  turns out the cable is the exact size to fit through that hole in our kayaks.  not all kayaks have that but ours do.
oh, and be sure to take your paddle with you.  this year's saving grace for me is my paddle comes apart so it's super easy to store in car.  and be prepared to keep a very dirty vehicle over the next few weeks, especially if you let your hubs use your car cuz he will be oblivious to the mud mess he creates in your vehicle.
on the other hand, buy more garbage bags!  wash, rinse, & repeat 3 times a day for at least 2 weeks & you've got it made!

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