Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It's All Downhill From Here

we took a quickie vaca trip a couple of weeks ago to CO.  Winter Park to be precise.  we've done snowboarding trips there before, but never a summer trip.  so what does one do at a ski resort in the summer? Downhill Mountain Biking. oh boy!  what a blast!
first up we took the Amtrak train.  i did this when i ran a race out in Boulder, CO 4 years ago & i loved it.  but you have to understand how much i HATE flying!  i mean, i'm using the HATE in the fullest sense possible for that word! HATE HATE HATE.  so yeah, we took the train.
coming into Denver station
on the way to Winter Park right before Moffat tunnel
the views after Denver were amazing. by far the coolest was going through Moffat Tunnel.  6 miles through a mountain, so about 10 minutes of darkness.  neat-O!
Frisco station
and here we have the fence line of a house across from the Frisco station.  this is about 1/4 of what they used for the fencing at this house.  unreal!
recycled skis
 so what does the main lift area/bottom of Winter Park look like without snow?  like this!
 who knew there was a full goofy golf course at the bottom of the mountain!  crazy!
just happened to be a mini coupe rally going on while we were there.  so many minis!
but on to more interesting stuff.  the Downhill.  here we are (minus me of course) after a morning lesson.  that's Korby (who NEVER poses for a photo so i threatened him), Lauren (our main instructor), Nacho, & Stephan (co-instructor).  really great class & awesome instructors.
 Nacho & Korby had so much fun that i convinced them to take a second level class.
 yeah, i sat out the afternoon due to a little spill that left me with this.  it only got worse before it finally started getting better.  it's almost gone now.

so lessons were Friday.  Sat we went up to Rocky Mtn National forest where we normally snow mobile & did a little hiking!
 this is Grand Lake - which we normall see covered in snow & ice!

 and this is waht RMNF looks like when there is no snow or snow mobiles.  4wheelin instead!

 man was that fun!
 we capped off Sunday by biking all day!  i faired much better than Friday!
 people, you are looking at moguls. i don't mean me & Korby & a bunch of $$ either!
 yeah, we ski/board down that!
no trip to a ski resort would be complete without Bloody Mary's & these at Lime did not disappoint!
i cannot recommend this enough, bruises and all!  we will be back!

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