Thursday, April 5, 2012


ahhhhh! got back into the pool this morning after almost 2 weeks away from it.  i promised Nacho i'd wear ear plugs because i still can't quite hear, everything is still muffled in both ears.  uggghhhh!  i also promised to only do the kickboard, no actual swimming.  and of course i stuck to that right?  riiiiiiight!  i did at least start out sticking to the plan (wink wink nod nod).  so TheGirls (that's the retired ladies i swim with, not my boobies), were excited i was back & very curious about how i'd been - i just adore them.  i foolishly told them about my promise to only kick board - i would pay for that later this morning.
as i said, i did start out keeping the promise.  my trusty kickboard & my newish Zoomers & kicked away.  i have this prominent bone on the top of both feet.  i have no idea what it is called, but it does get aggravated if i wear tight shoes & my Zoomers were just that, tight because they are newish.  so it became clear at about lap 13 that i was not going to get a mile in & i am OCD enough that i cannot swim less than that!  soooo why not try a little breast stroke?  i mean my ears were kinda getting wet just doing the kick board & putting my face in the water to replicate my usual freestyle breathing, so why not?  there's where the promise went out the window.  when it became obvious that the ear plugs were staying in on breast stroke, then why not try freestyle?  and the promise was a memory at that point. i was so excited to keep my "deal" and still get my mile in!  i did at least lay low enough that i didn't try any kick turns. i have a feeling my ear plugs would not have stayed in with turns - but really, i'm sure they do cuz don't people do this all the time?  shhh we'll find out tomorrow.
i was so excited that (1) i got back into the pool, (2) i didn't get any water in my ears, and (3) i got back to see TheGirls.......who all threatened to tell Nacho i didn't keep my promise.  and none of them were happy that i'd "pushed too hard" as far as they were concerned?  did i mention how much i adore these women?  not only are they just the best inspiration because the youngest is like 70 & they all swim or walk EVERY DAY, but they are like the aunts and grandmas i either never had or don't have immediate access to anymore.  just the best.  except that they are tattle tales!  well, thank goodness for blogging, cuz i beat 'em to it!
oh, and weirdest part of all of this?  so i'm done swimming, get out of the pool & remove the ear plugs......AND I DON'T EVEN NOTICE THE DIFF!  it all still sounds the same ear plugs or not.  awwwww when will this end?

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