Tuesday, April 3, 2012

about last week

1 week ago today i celebrated my 43rd birthday. good god 43! to quote a movie, "you're really IN you 40's now".  and i celebrated it in a style only i could.....NYQUIL SHOTS FOR EVERYONE!
yep, you heard that right.  i managed to avoid the latest flu bug that has caught most everyone around me.  nacho had it a couple of weekends ago & i missed it even in my own home. unfortunately, i think i unwittingly got it the Friday before when Cookie & i did our usual round at the nursing home. they'd been on a 2 week quarantine where we could not visit. we got the ok to come on the 23rd, and the following Sunday i didn't feel so good.  i went to work on Monday & felt fine but by the afternoon i knew there was no way i going to be in the next day. the irony is, i'd considered taking a "sick" day for my birthday & hanging out with my girls from the pool. i have long had a theory that i don't fake sick days because karma would visit me & i'd actually be sick.  guess what?  meet karma because i rocked a 102 temp on my bday!  this would not deter Nacho though. after playing his 2nd game in hockey playoff that same night, he came home and made me a cake.  a cake that i could not see how i would ever eat given my state. but i did cuz he did. that's commitment people!
i remained in bed the entirety of last week and am only now "getting better". i use that term loosely because, unlike most people, my flu bug did not go respiratory, it went auditory. i sit here today with a double ear ,infection. WTF?  i've never had an ear infection my entire life. not as a baby, not as a kid, not ever until now & in both ears.  it was quite the surprise when i woke up last Thurs & couldn't really hear anything & then realized i could, it was all just incredibly muffled.  that was nothing compared to the raging pressure/pain in my ears.  so i'm on antibiotics until this Sunday.  i'm hoping the muffled sounds & constant ringing will end soon.  it made working today practically impossible.  but i can say i have a new found respect for babies.  i now truly understand why they are so miserable when they have an ear infection. i cannot imagine having to deal with this & unable to tell anyone what it is like or what i need. so if you have never had one & you have a baby who gets one, gimme a call cuz i think i can translate for them.
oh, and before i forget HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!  thanks to everyone who did call, text, email, yodel best wishes. i may not remember due to the nyquil induced coma, but it doesn't mean i don't appreciate it!

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