Monday, August 29, 2011

have a seat!

we bought these stools not long after we bought the house 10 years ago.  they never fit the counter that faced the river. your knees were always hitting the crazy piece of trim that ran across & underneath that counter. i hate them
there's the crazy trim on the right! see how close the top of the stools are? we never did cut them down so sitting there was pointless.
so after we got the island in, we needed something to go on the end. we've looked at a few options for stools. lots of neat stuff at CB2, DWR, Crate & Barrel, etc.  but i can't bring myself to get rid of these stools.  so a few weeks ago, i found this

and knew i had a solution to our generic stools.  so now this
became this
with a minor Denacho twist. i wanted to create an unfinished feel to it. i'd considered a "dripping" effect on the legs, but just couldn't muster the attention span & patience to do that. instead, i just dragged the brush down & stopped when i felt like it.  the scary thing is, i already owned the blue paint! i'd bought a sample can & used it in our hallway to paint one of the flood lines from 2009.  i've only got 1 done & it's not poly'd yet - i had a little issue with that yesterday so sanded the poly off the top & had to repaint a coat of blue.  i haven't decided if i want to tackle poly again. i don't have good luck with it.  so i need to finish the other one & get them in place for a true After photo.
see?  i don't actually HAVE to spend a bunch of $$ on everything in this remodel!  btw, tours of the faucet are still gonna cost you $20/person.


337 said...

have you tried a wipe on poly? you use a clean rag to surprisingly wipe it on, its easier to control the amount you put on and it eliminates brush marks by default. You have to put a few more coats on, but its a lot easier to deal with.

Cookie said...

hmmm was going to stop at hardware store to get some foam brushes & see if that works better so i'll check this out too. thanks man

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