Monday, May 9, 2011

weekend update

no, this is not an SNL skit.  lots, i mean LOTS! of work got done this weekend. and here is the pic to prove it?
okay, it's late & it's crappy because it came from my phone, but i  DELIVERED!
can't see those? guess it would help if i actually took some & uploaded them.  well i did take some but got busy trying to salvage what is left of my gabion garden. i'll try to post those tonight when i get home.

so nacho got all the base cabs on the West wall finished - with only the top door of the pantry to do. we are holding off on that while we decide if a pull-out drawer is what we want to do.  all "boxes" on the North wall are built but not screwed in place. 

the white cab on the far left of the North wall was originally on the far right (by the small windows).  this was where one of our miscalcs came into place. our Ikea person didn't think an 18" on the left would allow us to open the drawers without hitting the hardware of the corner base cab. so we changed that & got a 15". turns out an 18" will work. so we stole the 18" from the NE corner to verify this. i'll be going back to Ikea Friday to get an 18" cab. so now we have an extra 4-drawer 15" (the cab in the forground) that i'm trying to find a home for & therefore a blank spot on the NE corner.

the big push came Sunday when nacho got the range hood & stove installation finished; he also assembled the remaining cabs that will create our island.   keep in mind we did our usual Sunday breakfast AND went to the Border Collie Trials (let me just say wow!) AND he had to pack to leave for Ind that afternoon AND it was mom's day so we still had to go to his P's.  the man is good under pressure!  we used 12" deep cabs on the East side & typical 24" cabs on the West.  i'm excited about the 2 middle cabs on the East side because those will be the new dog feeding station that this kitchen remodel was really built around.  i'm not kidding people!  when i say my dogs run the house, they really do! 

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