Monday, May 2, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like a kitchen

it was a busy busy weekend & there's lots more to go.  but nacho got a great start Friday night.  after i spent Friday bringing flat packs up & organizing them (you're welcome nacho), he spent the weekend getting them in place.  he was very impressed with this whole Swedish system!  we made one miscalculation & that was very easily remedied by pushing everything up 1" on the wall - seems the fridge has some hardware on top for the doors & we didn't account for that. who knew?  you do now!
so he got the first set of uppers in place when he realized we'd have to move it all up to accommodate the fridge, but no worries.
and before you know it, he had the first cabinet technically completed.
another thing we never even thought about....those side panels are meant to hang longer than the upper cabinet because most people would have some trim piece across the front to hid any under cabinet lighting. we're going to do a trim piece but it will be in stainless (gee, that's no surprise huh?). so we're toying with the idea of instead of cutting the extra off the side panel, we're gonna float it at the top of the cabinets (see it in the photo?) & run a trim piece around the top so we can do some sort of up lighting on top of the cabinets.  i hate the dead space that you get up there & i can't stand putting stuff up there for decor. martha stewart i ain't!
and officially nacho had the uppers & the West wall "completed" last night. yeah, we still have to secure the side panel for the pantry & get the shelves & doors for it & the fridge cabinet, but i'll call this done enough.  thanks Barry for helping move the fridge.
we did actually put a few things in a couple cabinets tonight. just some silverware, bowls, plates, & glasses. i don't want to start loading things up just yet cuz i still plan to go through & get rid of some stuff.  but i had to get some things out of my laundry room.  can't wait to move the coffee maker out of the bathroom - i'm sure we'll miss that little convenience!
what do we have left?  well, the bottom cabinets along the North wall (in front of nacho in the last pic) & the island.  no, we are not doing uppers on the North wall.  we have a stainless hood & we're going to do a hanging shelf thingy that i will actually be responsible for welding.  no pressure there!

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Michelle said...

I'm so excited to see your progress, we just ordered our cabinets on Saturday. How long did it take you to put the cabinets together?
I'm really hoping you share any tips you come across along the way...I'm going to forward your blog to my husband.
Your kitchen is looking awesome, very exciting! :)

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